Enter the world that is Weblight Dreams, where the dreaming never stops. Here you will find a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy themed content all thrown into a pot of endless imagination. Enjoy tutorials, comics, original stories, fan fiction, and more.


Current Updates



Changed the layout of the website. Decided to keep it simple and include more content all in one place. It will be sort of the main hub for all the things I partake in. My 3D illustrations will still be showcased in my other website 3DPlay, my writing will be linked to my writing blog, and my ebook covers available for sale will get a separate website as well. Everything else will be here.


Finally published my 3D art website. Check it out. There isn't much there at the moment but more will follow. I will also be moving my 3D art that way.


Super excited about reaching over 79K words on my series The Five Kingdoms of Severi. Also, don't forget I have started a writing blog Enchanted Tales of the Romantic Kind and I will be posting the first chapter of my new series over there.


Hope your year is going great. Mine is very busy and I love every moment of it. After pushing this project back for an entire year I have decided to finally get it done.

My online series The Five Kingdoms of Severi will wrap up on Feb. 8th and Beastly Desires will be the main and only project I will be working on full time. Mark your calendar and if you are interested in signing up as a beta reader send me an email.

All Rights Reserved for Original Characters, All Fanart to their respectable creators.

Current Projects Progress:

The Five Kingdoms of Severi

Beastly Desires

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