How to Draw
Learn the basics of drawing, from shading to perspectives. Want to know how to be able to draw just about anything? Or how to improve your drawings? These courses will help improve the way you transfer what you see onto paper and the fundamental keys needed to know how to draw.
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Learn to draw everything from eyes to poses in the manga influenced style. Want to create your own comics? Want to draw your own Manga?
Start from the basics and work your way up! Can't find what you want leave a request!
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Learn to draw various different anime/manga characters from your favorite anime/manga titles or popular ones. Want to learn how to draw a specific Pokemon or your favorite character from that Anime you can't quite remember the name of? Then check these videos out! Can't find what you want leave a request!
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Check my YouTube channel for even more lessons in video format. Or my newer channel for painting videos.

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