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Sneak Peak Day One:
The Five Kingdoms of Severi 

A new battle of good versus evil lies in the horizon; destinies MUST BE accepted and sacrifices MUST BE made.

Sneak Peak Day Two:
Book One: The Keys of Destiny 

In a time of peace and treaties, the five kingdoms of Severi lay unguarded and open to the dark hearts of man. Terdune, a neighboring land that had been at constant war with Severi, was defeated over 20 years ago. All threats were eradicated and its lands left without a ruler. Now a new evil has taken up reigns in Terdune and slowly makes it way to its adjacent sister.

Edwin’s village is attacked and he is forced to travel halfway across the second kingdom to the King’s Hold. Along the way he must learn the true power of the gifts that were bestowed upon him and discover the meaning of the dreaded fate attached to them.

Sneak Peak Day Three:
Character/Story Cover Concept Sketch: Edwin (The Five Kingdoms of Severi)
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Sneak Peak Day Four:
Character/Story Cover Concept Sketch: Prince Alden & Edwin (The Five Kingdoms of Severi)
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Sneak Peak Day Five:
Character/Story Cover Concept Sketch: The Whole Gang (The Five Kingdoms of Severi)

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Sneak Peak Day Six:
Final Cover Art
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Sneak Peak Day Seven: The Five Kingdoms of Severi 

Excerpt (Episode One)

A knock made Kale pause and his gaze moved to the door again. Another knock, more persistent and louder, filled the quiet cabin, bringing the small moment of glee to an end. Before Kale could reach the door, strips of golden light danced around the latch. The latch released and it swung open. A small creak of the hinges, and a half cloaked figure stood in the doorway, face shadowed by the brown hood and the ever growing night.

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